Let’s Work Together to Grow Your Business.

Your Partner.
Your Guide.
Your Chief Marketing Officer.

You know the importance of smart strategy and good storytelling.

You want to be more consistent in your messages – from your social media to your keynote and everything in between, and you want your website to be a marketing machine that converts more visitors into buyers.

Whether you just need help for a few hours to get a project done, or you know you need a complete sales funnel to take your business to the next level, I’ll be the CMO to your CEO, and free up your time so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Get more leads. Close more sales.

From simple clarity sessions to long-term partnerships, I help companies grow their business with marketing strategy, professional copywriting, and StoryBrand Certified coaching.

You deserve a brand that cuts through the noise and gets noticed.

Here are three ways we can work together:

Marketing Project

You have some big ideas but want an expert to weigh in before you commit, or you just need help with that sales page or home page revision and want some fresh, experienced eyes on the content.

We’ll decide together how best to use this time to maximize your investment.

  • A ½ day or full day strategy session

Marketing Upgrade

You feel frustrated that more people don’t respond to your marketing and you want your website to be a marketing machine that converts more visitors into clients.

Your Marketing Upgrade includes 3 valuable deliverables to maximize your current efforts.

  • Messaging Framework: We’ll use a proven 7-part messaging framework to bring clarity to your communications and speak a language that gets clients engaged. You’ll get excited to see how simple it will be to tell your story.

  • Website Messaging: We’ll write all the copy for your Home page, About and Services page. It will be clear, simple and flow properly for clients to really understand what problem you solve.

  • Brand Messaging Guide: We’ll take your messaging framework and create a messaging guide you can use to keep your marketing consistent. The Messaging Guide includes your one-liners, elevator pitch, keywords, boilerplate language, email signature and more.

Marketing Roadmap

More than just fixing your messaging and website you know that you want to ensure that the whole process – from lead generation to onboarding a client is cohesive, and most importantly works!

Your Marketing Roadmap includes the 3 deliverables in the Marketing Upgrade plus 3 more:

  • Lead Generating Asset: It’s important to offer a transitional call to action so that potential customer have a low-risk way to continue their engagement with your brand. I’ll create a lead generating asset to capture their emails.
  • Email Nurturing Campaign: Once you capture an email address, you should create an automated email sequence that onramps that prospect to your product or service. I create a series of emails that help you keep in touch with a potential customer and earn trust over time.
  • Email Sales Campaign: While the nurture campaign is focused on adding value and building trust, the sales campaign will focus on closing the deal. Creating an email sales campaign is your opportunity to share the full story of how your service is going to help solve your customers’ problem and ask them to buy it.

“Jennifer nailed it!”

Jennifer Cunningham came to us as a result of an online search for a Canadian Certified Guide after we devoured the Story Brand Book and realized that this was no DIY project for us to take on. We needed a talented Guide to help craft our story in such a way as to be meaningful, not too wordy, and to-the-point! Jennifer nailed it! She listened to us and our clients who provided back-end information on what we did right, what we could have improved upon and weaving it into a wonderful story for us.

Wendy Bell & Nancy Dellin

Wendy Bell
Nancy Dellin

“Jennifer was able to understand why I started my business and what our mission is. ”

Jennifer was able to listen and understand why I started my business and what our mission is. We’re a social enterprise so it’s vital that people understand why we are in business and our business model. She was able to take that and create copy for our website that was clear, concise and compelling. Jennifer was also extremely helpful in creating our homepage layout.

Seema Sanghavi

Seema Sanghavi


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