Think of me as your “brand interpreter”

I know that what you want most is for your products and services to be understood so you reach more people and your business thrives. But sometimes, it feels like you’re speaking a language no one else understands.

With over 25 years of experience working with complex businesses, products, and systems, I’m Your CMO can translate the value of your work to messaging and marketing that your ideal client connects with.

Word Nerd & StoryBrand Certified Guide

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My love for words started with the public library’s reading contest in the summer after 2nd grade (I got 3rd place. I’m still bummed about that…) and continued with a university English degree and a post-grad in International Marketing.

This was followed by more than 23 years in marketing and communications with organizations as diverse as the Special Olympics, a boutique consulting firm, and an international Health & Fitness company, before starting I’m Your CMO in 2018.

Now in my fifth year as a StoryBrand Certified Guide, I feel confident in my command of this powerful seven-part framework that’s helped thousands of companies get clear on their message and transform their sales and marketing.

What makes I’m Your CMO different?

We simplify the complex

Leveraging our experience with technical individuals, products, and systems, we articulate your work’s value into targeted messaging and marketing that resonates with your ideal client.

We deliver the goods from concept to reality

Big picture ideas don’t have value unless they are executed well. In addition to great strategy, you’ll get tangible, tactical plans that lead to results.

We’ll mine the brand gold you’re missing

Most business owners aren’t trained to find the messaging that connects. It’s one of our superpowers. Our expertise eliminates the question, “How can my ideal clients understand what we do?” or “Why isn’t our marketing effective?”

We provide versatile strategies for diverse markets

Whether you sell just in your local market or around the world, we apply our experience from working with large international brands to effectively communicate across a range of nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures.

Clear messaging to get more leads and close more sales


Schedule a free consultation, and let’s talk about your business and project goals.


Let’s get to work. Whether we’re developing a messaging plan, creating copy, or working on your website, you can feel good knowing you’re in good hands.


Watch the bottom-line increase once you have a clear message and smart strategy.

Jennifer is an absolute marketing genius!

And other feedback that made my day…

For a solid professional who balances fun with getting the job done, Jennifer is a dream for any team.

I had the pleasure of hiring Jennifer when I was at Fusion Media Group. With a skill set and a smile she managed creatives, developers, clients, and at times even our management team into a cohesive unit, and the team loved her approach and energy."
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Reuben Segelbaum

Jennifer was able to understand why I started my business and what our mission is.

Jennifer was able to listen and understand why I started my business and what our mission is. We’re a social enterprise so it’s vital that people understand why we are in business and our business model. She was able to take that and create copy for our website that was clear, concise and compelling. Jennifer was also extremely helpful in creating our homepage layout."
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Seema Sanghavi

Jennifer is a rare find in the marketing world.

She is a strategic thinker and challenges herself and those around her to think differently and understand the linkages between strategy and bottom line results.
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Kathy Barnett

Jennifer is a marketer that understands her clients needs.”

She asks the right questions to find out your goal, and she delivers. I couldn’t do it without her."
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Carol Tricoche

“Jennifer helped me create powerful marketing language to attract the right clients.”

We worked together to finalize the copy for my new website, including collecting testimonials from my happy clients. Jennifer helped me create powerful marketing language that will attract the right clients to me. Thanks Jennifer!
-Rhianna C.

Jennifer helped VEEV get the clarity it needed to stand out in a meaningful way.

Jennifer has the rare ability to capture what makes a company unique and translate it into a powerful story that is motivating and compelling. Her process is thorough, yet not at all intimidating and gets to the core of what truly matters."
Annie Gaudreault

The most critical factor for business success is consistently crafting and articulating a clear, compelling message across all communications.

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